What Makes Hubertus?

The Hubertus range of beers are brewed using the traditional pilsner recipe using unique technologies such as double mashing with open fermentation, combined with a 60 - 90 days maturation in the cellars of its craft brewery.


The Czech barley and artesian wells also add to its authentic original and complex flavour. As the beer is not pasteurised the beer will taste as good here in the UK as it dose when drunk on the river bank next to the brewery. Don’t take my word try one for yourself.

History Of Hubertus

The brewery that produces the Hubertus beer was founded in 1457 in the Czech Republic, making it one of Europe’s oldest.


During the last decade, a major refurbishment has been undertaken to completely renovate its buildings infrastructure and most importantly introducing new technologies into the traditional processes used at the brewery.

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